Comfort Color Tanks

Posted by Mackenzie Harris on

The perfect accessory for Spring Break 2015 is our comfort color tanks. These tanks are literally perfect as a bathing suit cover, or just to wear with a pair of shorts. I actually wear my comfort color tanks to work out at the gym or at Zumba class. They're literally perfect for EVERYTHING.

Our tanks can be monogrammed as a pocket sized monogram on the left pocket, or monogrammed in the center of the shirt. I personally love both ways of monogramming these shirts. I have both.

I personally love the Island Reef and Violet tanks, for some reason they seem to make me look more tan. Which is always a plus in the summer. You also want to buy these a little larger, I prefer them to cover my butt so it's not really noticeable that you're just wearing your bathing suit in a public place once you've left the pool or beach. I wear a medium or a large in these tanks, just depending on how I'm feeling and how much leg I'm wanting to show....

Also, did you know we sell iron-on monograms? So if you have your own tank/shirt/sweatshirt you can actually just iron on your monogram yourself??

Pocket monograms are a 4x4 monogram, and middle monogram just depends on how big the shirt is.




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  • These monograms are so cute and make great gifts! Can’t wait to show off my tank this summer!

    Skylar Stone on
  • These tanks are so cute! Would be cute to wear as an oversized beach coverup!

    Mercadies on
  • I LOVE you these tanks! So cute and comfy

    Sadie Shell on
  • Perfect for summer! These are so cute and a must have!!

    Paige on
  • I LOVE comfort color tank! They are perfect for summer!

    Katie hiskey on

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