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Our monogrammed decals can literally be put on ANYTHING! Cars, phones, laptops, notebooks, water bottles, etc. The list goes on and on! Anything with a slightly smooth surface can have a monogram put on it!

The non-glitter vinyl that we have is an "outdoor vinyl". Meaning that it can withstand a little rain or water on it and it will be fine! Non-glitter decals also stick better than the glitter, not saying the glitter vinyl doesn't stick, IT DOES, just that the non-glitter sticks a little better! 

A non-glitter decal would be better for your water bottles because you will be washing them, and they can withstand going through the dishwasher. The non-glitter decals are also best for putting on phones. Because the non-glitter vinyl is so "sticky" it will last a lot longer than the glitter will. Especially on phones, which you have in your hand constantly. 

Not saying glitter decals are bad! They're not! They're actually my favorite! (Probably because they're glitter and who doesn't love glitter?) Glitter decals are actually just fine for your car, even with the rain! Always make sure, when putting a monogrammed decal on your car, you avoid the windshield wiper on the back, if you have one. It tends to put a lot of wear on the monogram, especially if its just a white decal. It's just best to put it out of the reach of your windshield wiper! 

ANYWHO. Back to glitter monogrammed decals. 

I have always had a glitter decal on the back of my phone, just because they are prettier than the regular colors. However, they do tend to rub off on the edges after a while. I've had my latest monogram on the back of my IPhone for about 3 months now and its held up pretty good. There are some of the sides that are just now starting to peel just a little. But I'd say 3 months for a $3 decal is a pretty good deal, and it still has plenty of life left! 

I know the most popular thing is to first, monogram your car, but next its to monogram your phone! Non-glitter or glitter, monograms on your phone won't last forever. Just like the phone case you put it on. It's probably the only place that I've had "a slight" issue with putting monograms on. Every other place you put the monogram you're not constantly touching it with your hands, dropping it, sticking it down in your purse, sitting it in water, like you are with your phone. 

I am still going to encourage everyone to buy the decals for their phone because they're cute and make you stand out from everyone else! 

Remember: Non-glitter vinyl does stick better and lasts longer than glitter vinyl. BUT THEY ARE BOTH EQUALLY AS GREAT. 

Also. While applying your decal to any surface. Make sure you are applying the decal to a smooth surface. For the best results, clean off the surface with rubbing alcohol, let dry, and then place the decal onto the desired spot. 


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  • I Love these monograms. On my wishlist?

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